Arthur's Math Games

Arthur's Math Games 2.0

Arthur`s Math Game is a wonderful innovative way of making kids learn MATH
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The Learning Company

Arthur's Math Games
Kids (4-7) join Arthur and his friends at the school carnival to learn lots of early math and mathematical reasoning skills.

This CD by The Learning Company helps kids learn about math in a fun non threatening environment. Each activity has 5 levels to grow as children learn and Arthur and his friends have lots of praise and encouragement to help kids succeed.

D. W. has a super snack shop. Customers place orders for popcorn, lemonade, spinach brownies and more. D. W. gives kids the price and they must pay with the exact change.

Buster is at the fun house where he needs help finding prizes. With hints from Buster kids find the prizes on a grid.

Francine really loves collecting bugs. She needs help sorting them into groups. Kids learn about sets, sorting and classifying. Some bugs go in both sets. No problem, Francine will tell you what to do.

Kids can also navigate mazes with Mr. Ratburn or go to the dance theatre to paint backdrops and program Arthur to dance.

At the Duck Pond, children learn about shapes, counting, beginning fractions, and addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Visual clues help kids learn how to understand equations and how they work.

This is a wonderful program with fun activities that give kids an understanding of beginning math concepts in a fun and encouraging environment. Arthur and friends make learning fun.

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  • Interesting to learn
  • Provides 5 levels of difficulties
  • Has 6 fun filled options


  • Very limited age range
  • Considering the level of mathematics required today,its inadequate and not enough to cope up with requirement levels
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